Blair Athol Whisky 12 years old 2021 Flora & Fauna Collection

Blair Athol Whisky, 12 years old, bottled in Highlands, Scotland, 2021 Flora & Fauna Collection 

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Tasting notes for the Blair Athol Whisky 12 YO 2021 - "Flora & Fauna" Collection

  • EYE: When gazing upon Blair Athol 12-year-old, a sublime amber hue reveals itself, illuminated by coppery reflections. Its deep and captivating robe attests to the care taken in its maturation in oak casks. Gently swirling the glass forms delicate legs that slowly glide down the sides, unveiling a rich texture and a viscosity that promise an exceptional tasting experience.
  • NOSE: Upon first encounter, the aromatic bouquet of Blair Athol 12-year-old unveils a delicate and captivating blend. Sweet notes of golden honey and creamy caramel interlace harmoniously with fruity aromas of ripe apples and juicy berries. Gradually, subtle wafts of spicy vanilla emerge, while a hint of smoke adds a mysterious touch to this refined olfactory composition.
  • MOUTH: The tasting of Blair Athol 12 YO is a true invitation to discovery. The fruity flavors unfold with elegance, offering a balanced gustatory symphony. Notes of baked apples, wild berries, and candied citrus delicately mingle with the gentle caresses of velvety honey and toffee caramel. A subtle dance of spices, where cinnamon and nutmeg meet, brings comforting warmth to each sip. The texture is exquisitely silky, unfurling on the palate with captivating smoothness. The finish lingers long, leaving a delicate imprint of ripe fruits and honeyed sweetness that awakens all the senses.


In short: The Blair Athol 12 YO from the "Flora & Fauna" collection is a true gem that will delight whisky enthusiasts in search of a unique tasting experience. This single malt embodies the very essence of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its captivating color, enchanting aromatic bouquet, and balanced palette of flavors make each tasting a sensory journey. Enjoy it neat to fully appreciate its complexity or let yourself be guided by the subtleties it reveals with a few drops of water. Blair Athol 12 YO is a tasting session to be lived, a story to be told, and a liquid work of art to be experienced.

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Product Details

Data sheet

70 cl
% vol.
43 %
Highland, Scotland
2021 Flora & Fauna Collection
12 years
Blair Athol
Producer: Blair Athol
Blair Athol

The definitive Highlands Whisky


Blair Athol Distillery stands at the gateway to the Scottish Highlands in the picturesque town of Pitlochry, Perthshire. Situated in open moorland to the south of the city, on the foothills of the Grampian Mountains, Blair Athol's ancient water source - the Allt Dour - flows from the slopes of Ben Vrackie, contributing to the sweet and smooth whisky.

Founded in 1798, the distillery was then called Aldour Distillery, in reference to the local water source, before being renamed in 1825, taking the name of the nearby village (Blair Atholl). Around 95% of malt whiskey is used in the blending of Bell's Blend, the most popular blend in the UK and a leading brand in South Africa and Scandinavia.

If the distillery produces mainly for blends, since 1990 Blair Athol has released, for the Flora & Fauna spirits collection, a 12-year-old single malt whiskey with a sweet and deep aroma. In addition, several independent distillers have worked with the distillery to create personal blends.

Discover the Blair Athol whisky.

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