Teaninich Whisky 10 years old 2021 Flora & Fauna Collection

Teaninich Whisky, 10 years old, bottled in Highlands, Scotland, 2021 Flora & Fauna Collection 

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Tasting notes for the Teaninich Whisky 10 YO 2021 - "Flora & Fauna" Collection

  • EYE: This whisky presents an intense golden color, enhanced with amber reflections. Its bright robe is a testament to its meticulous aging in oak casks. When the glass is swirled, fine legs form and slowly descend along the sides, revealing a rich texture and noticeable viscosity.
  • NOSE: On the first nose, delicate floral aromas immediately emerge, accompanied by a gentle note of honey in the background. Fruity nuances are also present, with notes of ripe apples and juicy peaches. Subtle scents of vanilla and caramel add a kind of gourmet dimension to the ensemble. Hints of malt and cereals complete the bouquet, bringing a touch of complexity.
  • MOUTH: A balanced and delicate gustatory experience. The fruit flavors unfold with subtlety, offering a harmonious marriage of sweetness and freshness. Notes of crisp apple, juicy peach, and candied citrus blend with the soft accents of honey and creamy vanilla. A slight touch of spices, like cinnamon and ginger, adds a pleasant warmth. The texture is velvety and silky, elegantly enveloping the palate. The finish is persistent, leaving a delicate imprint of ripe fruits and vanilla sweetness.


In short: This Teaninich 10-year-old whisky is a delicate and balanced single malt. It offers floral aromas, fruity flavors, and a harmonious gustatory palette. Its velvety texture and gentle notes make it an ideal choice for enthusiasts of subtle and refined whiskies. Enjoy it neat to fully appreciate its nuances or add a dash of water to further unlock its aromas. It is a true treasure of the "Flora & Fauna" Collection that will delight whisky lovers seeking a unique tasting experience.

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Data sheet

70 cl
% vol.
43 %
Highland, Scotland
2021 Flora & Fauna Collection
10 years
Producer: Teaninich

Modernity and inspiring whiskies


Teaninich Distillery was founded in 1817 in the Northern Highlands by Hugh Monroe, Lord of Teaninich and war hero who was blinded by musket fire that punctured both his eyes. Teaninich is the neighbor of the famous Glenmorangie and Dalmore distilleries and it mainly sells its production to other distilleries, for their blended cuvées.

As one of the very first legal whisky distilleries, Teaninich had to face stiff competition from clandestine distilleries, which then monopolized a large part of barley production. This situation lasted until the enactment of the Excise Act of 1823, although improvements were slow and gradual.

Always at the forefront of spirits production and to meet growing demands, Teaninich continued to modernize and expand. In 1962, the number of stills was doubled and Teaninich was the very first distillery entirely lit using electricity. In 1971, an additional building was erected, with 12 more stills operational until 1985!

In 1992, the first cuvées bearing the name Teaninich were released on the market. The distillery's know-how can be found in single malts with strong personalities: Fauna & Flora, with its notes of apple and flowers; and the special 1999 Cuvée, displaying hints of citrus and herbs.

Take a look at the Teaninich whisky.

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