Mannochmore Whisky 12 years old 2021 Flora & Fauna Collection

Mannochmore Whisky, 12 years old, bottled in Speyside, Scotland, 2021 Flora & Fauna Collection 

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Tasting notes for the Mannochmore Whisky 12 YO 2021 - "Flora & Fauna" Collection

  • EYE: This whisky exhibits a beautiful golden color, shimmering with amber reflections. Its brilliant hue is a testament to its meticulous aging in oak casks. Delicate and persistent legs form when the glass is swirled, revealing a rich texture and appreciable viscosity.
  • NOSE: Refined and complex aromatic bouquet. Aromas of ripe fruits, such as juicy pear and sweet apricot, harmoniously mingle with notes of smooth honey and vanilla. Delicate hints of spring flowers and gentle spices add a floral and spicy dimension to this aromatic symphony.
  • MOUTH: Mannochmore offers us an exceptional tasting experience. The fruity flavors unfold with elegance, striking a perfect balance between sweetness and complexity. Notes of ripe pear, candied citrus, and tropical fruits delicately intertwine with creamy honey and luscious vanilla. Gentle spices like cinnamon and nutmeg bring a subtle warmth. The texture is velvety and silky, caressing the palate with finesse. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a delicate imprint of ripe fruits and spicy sweetness that pleasantly lingers.


In short: This 12-year-old Mannochmore whisky from the Flora & Fauna Collection 2021 embodies the very essence of this iconic collection. The Flora & Fauna Collection showcases rare and remarkable whiskies from lesser-known distilleries. It celebrates the richness of nature and the diversity of Scottish whiskies. This Mannochmore 12-year-old offers a sophisticated tasting experience with its complex aromas and balanced flavor profile. Its commitment to excellence and quality makes it an ideal choice for whisky connoisseurs seeking a unique experience. Savour it attentively to fully appreciate its nuances and immerse yourself in the magic of the Flora & Fauna Collection.

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Data sheet

70 cl
% vol.
43 %
Speyside, Scotland
2021 Flora & Fauna Collection
12 years
Producer: Mannochmore

A whisky with strong personality


Mannochmore Distillery is just south of Elgin in Morayshire, in the heart of the Speyside. The distillery not only shares a location, but also a water source - the Bardon Burn - with the Glenlossie distillery. However, the Mannochmore site is considerably larger; the three pairs of stills have a total combined output of 3.22 million liters per year and 200,000 aging casks. Nevertheless most of the space is  used to store alcohol in maturation from other distilleries and for cereal processing (hop and beer bagasse).

Until 1989, most of the whiskey produced will be used for blends, including the very popular Haig's Blend at the time. Many blends are still produced for brands (like Johnnie Walker) or vintages from renowned distillers: Douglas Laing, Gordon & MacPhail, to name but a few. Mannochmore made a name for itself in 1996 when it launched Loch Dhu, the black whisky. The very dark spirits was mixed with caramel. The item itself was impressive but not very popular outside of Denmark. Its production stopped quickly and collectors are now scouring the world for the few remaining bottles.

Discover the Mannochmore whisky.

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