Auchroisk Whisky 10 years 2021 Flora & Fauna Collection

Auchroisk Whisky, 10 years old, bottled in Mulben, Moray, Scotland, 2021 Flora & Fauna Collection

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Tasting notes for the Auchroisk Whisky 10 years 2021 "Flora & Fauna" Collection

  • EYE: It has a deep golden color in the glass, with amber reflections. Its appearance is bright and attractive, indicating its maturation and aging in oak casks. When swirled, fine legs form, indicating good viscosity and a certain concentration of the whisky.
  • NOSE: At first, subtle aromas of vanilla and caramel emerge, accompanied by a gentle hint of honey. Then, fresh fruit scents, such as green apples and citrus, enrich the aromatic bouquet. Light notes of toasted hazelnuts and cereals blend harmoniously, adding complexity to the overall profile.
  • MOUTH: This Auchroisk 10 Year Old whisky offers a smooth and balanced experience. The flavors of vanilla and caramel become more pronounced, accompanied by hints of honey and yellow-fleshed fruits like peach and apricot. A slight touch of spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, brings a warm and pleasant dimension. The texture is velvety, and the flavors unfold with moderate intensity, leaving a silky and refined mouthfeel. The finish is medium in length, with persistent sweetness and subtle notes of ripe fruits and vanilla lingering. A slight bitterness appears towards the end, providing an interesting and balanced final touch to the tasting experience.

In short: This Auchroisk 10 Year Old Flora & Fauna 2021 whisky is a balanced and harmonious single malt, offering gentle and subtle aromas, as well as a velvety mouthfeel. It is an ideal choice for enthusiasts of delicate and refined whiskies, seeking an elegant and accessible tasting experience. It can be enjoyed neat to fully appreciate its flavors or with a splash of water to further release its aromas.

Other cuvées from this distillery: Auchroisk 10 years "Flora & Fona", Auchroisk 12 years "Douglas of Drumlanrig" (Hunter Laing), Auchroisk 11 years "Chieftain's Choice" (Ian McLeod), Auchroisk 14 years Old Malt Cask (Douglas Laing), Auchroisk 10 years "The Singleton", Auchroisk 20 years Limited Edition, Auchroisk 95.18 "A bed in a cornfield"...

Product Details

Data sheet

70 cl
% vol.
43 %
Moray, Scotland
2021 Flora & Fauna Collection
10 years
Producer: Auchroisk

A new generation of distillery


Auchroisk is one of the youngest distilleries in Scotland. It is located in Mulben, in the Moray region. It was built in 1974 by Justerini & Brooks, which already owned the Glen Spey, Knockando and Strathmill distilleries at the time, in order to meet the demand of the blended whiskey industry and in particular that of the J&B brand.

A first single malt was produced for blending in 1978. The first bottling of a single malt took place in 1986 under the name "The Singleton", as the Gaelic name Auchroisk was seemingly too complicated to pronounce for the average customer. It was a huge success and was sold until 2001.

Auchroisk is a very large spirits distillery with storage facilities big enough to hold 265,000 barrels. Its eight stills distill 6,000,000 liters of alcohol each year, put in barrels, with a relatively high alcohol volume of 70%. For more than ten years, all of this production was used in the blend.

Even today, this represents 90% of the entire production. The maturation was done in bourbon casks for ten years, but it seems that it is here that the principles of the "finish" appeared for the first time, since it was common to transfer the liquid into sherry casks for two more years. Of course, some distilleries also claim to have come up with the practice before.

Independent bottlings today still represent much more volume as a single malt than the official versions, since it is possible to find it under a multitude of banners, such as Douglas Laing or Mossburn. The rare Auchroisk single malts most often reveal a silky and mellow character and elegantly develop lovely notes of toasted nuts as well as a slight smokiness.

Discover the Auchroisk whisky.

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