Talisker 10 Years - Scotch Whisky

Talisker, Highland (Scotland), 10 years of age, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Tasting notes for the Talisker 10 YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky

  • EYE: With a deep amber hue, the Talisker 10-year-old captivates the eye with its rich color, reminiscent of the landscapes of the Isle of Skye. Slow and oily legs glide along the glass, heralding a promising texture.
  • NOSE: The aromatic bouquet reveals salty maritime notes, characteristic of Talisker, intertwined with hints of black pepper and dried fruits. Nuances of honey and vanilla emerge, offering an olfactory depth that intrigues from the very first moment.
  • MOUTH: On the palate, the Talisker 10 Years unveils its full complexity. Salty and smoky flavors are balanced by touches of red fruits, baked pears, and dark chocolate. The peat, present but subtle, adds a robust dimension to this unforgettable tasting experience.


In short: This single malt embodies the very essence of Talisker. The harmonious marriage of maritime, spicy, and fruity flavors makes it an ideal choice for enthusiasts of complex and balanced whiskies. The youthfulness of its ten years is not a hindrance but rather a strength that promises an authentic experience. It can be stored for several additional years without losing its brilliance. Serve this expression with scallops, aged goat cheese, smoked salmon, or simply with a handful of roasted almonds or some dark chocolate mint squares.

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Product Details

Data sheet

70 cl
% vol.
45,8 %
Individual case
Highland, Scotland
10 years
Single Malt
Producer: Talisker

A legacy of whisky


Founded in 1830, Talisker is a distillery located in Carbost, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. It is the only whisky distillery present on this island. After a difficult start due to successive bankruptcies, it was bought in 1925 by a group of assemblers, Distillers Company Ltd. This new owner broke free from the local tradition of triple distillation in 1928 to replace it with the more usual double distillation.

In November 1960, a fire destroyed the still room; the distillery was rebuilt retaining some elements of traditional distillation: wooden washbacks, as well as a system of condensers located outside the buildings (one of the few things that survived the fire). These serpentine-shaped condensers, immersed in wooden vats, allow a slower and more regular cooling of the alcohol vapors and play an important role in the oily character of the Talisker.

Today, the Talisker whisky distillery belongs to the Diageo company and is part of the Classic Malts line of spirits. In 2007, a special 12-year-old Talisker edition was put on the market, initially reserved for "Friends of Classic Malts". This single malt is also used for Johnnie Walker Green Label, White Horse and Drambuie liqueur blends.

Discover the Talisker single malt scotch whisky.

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