Tequila Volcan De Mi Tierra X.A backlit

Mexique, Tequila, De Mi Tierra, X.A, Volcan, backlit

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70 cl
100% Agave
% vol.
38 %
Jalisco, Mexico
X.A (Extra-Anejo)
Volcan De Mi Tierra
Producer: Volcan de Mi Tierra
Volcan de Mi Tierra

An artisanal tequila

Volcan de mi Tierra is a tequila brand born from the collaboration between LVMH and the Gallardo family in May 2017, with the ambition to create a tequila that is both complex and unique. The brand's name refers to the "Volcan de Tequila," a volcano located in the plains of Jalisco, Mexico, which has played a fundamental role in shaping the region and the quality of its soils.

200,000 years ago, an eruption of the Volcan de Tequila covered the Jalisco region with rich volcanic soil, ideal for the cultivation of blue agave. The fertile lands, enriched with iron and basalt, have given rise to unique aromas, characteristic of Volcan de mi Tierra tequila. This tequila is distinguished by a delicate balance between tradition and modernity, transforming agave into an exceptional spirit.

The complexity of this tequila stems from the combination of flavors from agave grown in both highlands and lowlands, thus bringing together the best of both regions to create a singular essence. The patience and attention required for agave cultivation are essential values perpetuated from generation to generation.

The production of Volcan de mi Tierra adheres to traditional methods, such as the use of stone ovens and slow fermentation in wooden vats, while integrating modern processes. These techniques result in a tequila with incomparable flavor and aroma. In sum, Volcan de mi Tierra is rooted in a centuries-old tradition while embracing innovation, offering a superior quality tequila at the foot of the legendary Volcan de Tequila.

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