Tequila Añejo 1942 - Don Julio

Mexico, Jalisco, Tequila, 100% Agave, Añelo 1942, Don Julio

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Tasting notes for the Tequila "1942" Añejo - Don Julio

  • EYE: The Don Julio "1942" Añejo Tequila unveils a deep amber hue, capturing the rich reflections of aging in oak barrels. Its mahogany tint evokes the heritage of meticulous craftsmanship, creating an aesthetic that speaks to the patience invested in its maturation process.
  • NOSE: Complex aromas of caramel, vanilla, and oak intertwine with elegance. Hints of toasted nuts and cinnamon emerge, revealing the depth of the extended aging of this añejo tequila. The balance between sweetness and robustness offers a captivating olfactory experience.
  • MOUTH: This Don Julio "1942" Añejo reveals a silky texture and rich flavors. Notes of salted butter caramel blend with accents of dark chocolate and dried fruits. The agave, characteristic of tequila, persists with elegance, leaving a soft and warm impression.


In short: This añejo tequila embodies the quintessence of Jalisco craftsmanship, combining a refined aromatic palette with a velvety texture. The complex aromas and flavors reveal the exceptional character of this añejo expression, an experience of rare finesse. The Spanish term "añejo" means "aged," and in the context of tequila, it indicates aging for at least one year in oak barrels. This special cuvée is best enjoyed with Mexican cuisine such as mole poblano, duck confit tacos, grilled meat dishes, dark chocolate desserts, and assortments of aged cheeses.

Other cuvées from this distillery: Don Julio "Reposado", Don Julio "Blanco", Don Julio "1942", Don Julio "Añejo", Don Julio "70 Cristalino", Don Julio "Primavera", Don Julio "Rosado", Don Julio "Ultima Reserva"...

Product Details

Data sheet

70 cl
100% Agave
% vol.
38 %
Individual case
Jalisco, Mexico
Don Julio
100% Agave
Producer: Don Julio
Don Julio

Ultra Premium Tequila


The Don Julio tequila was created by one man: Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada (1925-2012). The man with the hat, whose silhouette you'll find on every bottle. Everything began in 1949, in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. In his distillery, founded in 1949 and nicknamed "La Primavera" (which means "Springtime" in Spanish), Julio had been crafting his own tequila since he was 17 years old (in 1942). He used to manage every aspect of the production, from harvesting the agave plants growing near his hometown of Atotonilco, to bottling the end product.

Julio González was a visionary. Not only was he the first to use 100% of hand-picked blue agaves for his tequila, he was also the only man who dared challenge the established tequila bottle format. Before, tequila was only sold in tall bottles. Now came along Julio, with his much smaller and square bottles; easier to handle and better looking on a table. Plus, unlike his competitors and their super strong tequilas, Don Julio produced a sweeter tequila, that you could slowly sip and savor.

Julio celebrated his 60th birthday in 1985. For the occasion, his sons released a limited edition cuvée of the family tequila, only sold in Mexico. It was a huge hit with all the local spirits merchants. Looking at the more than positive sales revenues, the don's children decided to roll up their sleeves and turn the brand into a worldwide sensation. Two years later, the "Don Julio" tequila was officially born. They were exporting it to North America and then the rest of the world. It de facto became the very first prestige tequila.

The González-Frausto family partnered with the Seagram Company Ltd. in 1999. Together, they extended the agave plantation and helped the Don Julio brand truly shine internationally. New cuvées were released: "Don Julio Blanco", "Don Julio Reposado", "Don Julio Real", "Don Julio Añejo", "Don Julio 70" and "Don Julio 1942". The Don Julio brand was later bought by the Italian Diageo Group (owners of the famous Johnnie Walker whisky), in 2014. They already owned 50% of the shares since 2003, thanks to their joint venture with the Mexican Casa Cuervo Group.

Discover the Don Julio tequila.

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