Old Italian Bisleri Aperitif

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100 cl
Alcohol Content
Production origin
Lombardie, Italy
Average condition
Producer: Vieux Spiritueux
Vieux Spiritueux

Rare and ancient spirits and liquors


In this category, you'll find a selection of ancient bottles of spirits, liqueurs and eau-de-vies. These old and rare spirits were produced between the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century and mainly come from auctions.

Some brands we can offer:

  • Jacobert, an old Kirsch (or "kirschwasser", an eau-de-vie distilled from fermented cherry juice) brand from Alsace. Founded in Colmar by Mr. Max Jacobsthal in 1874, the brand can still be found today in the Rémy Cointreau catalogue.
  • Dolfi, nicknamed the "Great Distillery of Strasbourg", was a company founded in Alsace in 1919. Famous all over the world of mixology for its premium wild strawberry liqueur, the brand was also bought by Jean-Pierre Cointreau in 2006.
  • Fraioli Frères, a former family import company located in Thiais (in the Val de Marne). Founded sometime before 1911 (according to a few official documents), it closed down in 1985. The Fraiolis specialized in wines, liqueurs and other spirits.
  • Bardinet, a group founded by Paul Bardinet in 1857, centered around rums and other spirits. Bardinet had been the owner of the Negrita rum brand since the late 19th century. It is known today as "La Martiniquaise", as the latter bought 66% of Bardinet stock in 1993.
  • Vieille Cure, the name of a liqueur produced and sold by Mr. Marcel Bussières in 1909, in Cenon. Supposedly inspired by an ancient recipe acquired from the monks of the Cenon Abbey, the spirits is a mixture of 52 plants. The distillery is now defunct.
  • Marie Brizard, a famous liqueur house founded by the eponymous Marie Brizard and her associate Jean-Baptiste Roger in 1755. Acclaimed for her anisette, which Louis XV was fond of, the brand also produces other liqueurs. It still exists today, stronger than ever.
  • Bisleri, a brand created by Felice Bisleri, a former Milanese pharmacist. He founded his own company "Felice Bisleri e C." and began selling his famous Ferro-China liqueur in 1880. The brand is still alive today, although mainly sold in Italy.
  • Izarra, a plant-based liqueur from the Basque Country. The brand, created in 1906 by the pharmacist Joseph Grattau, means "star" in the local dialect. It was bought by the Cointreau group in 1981, and then by the Spirited Brands Limited group in 2015.
  • Martell, the renowned French cognac house founded in 1715, by visionary entrepreneur Jean Martell. Despite it old age, the brand is still going strong, managing a perfect balance between modernity and tradition.
  • Lejay-Lagoutte, born from the partnership between Auguste-Denis Lagoute and his son-in-law Henri Lejay, in 1841. The Dijon-based duo created the brand (which still exists today) and de facto invented the famous blackcurrant cream.
  • Suze, an old brand of aperitif liqueur that is still in activity. The original yellow gentiana liqueur was invented by Henri Porte and Fernand Moureaux in 1885. The brand was then bought by the famous Pernod-Ricard group in 1965.
  • Cointreau, a liqueur house founded in 1849 by Adolphe Cointreau and which is better known today as the Rémy Cointreau group. The original bitter orange liqueur has become the favorite of mixologists and barmen all over the world.

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