Rum La Africana 1900

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Tasting notes for the Rum "La Africana" 1900

  • EYE: The "La Africana" 1900 Rum adorns itself with a deep amber robe, evoking elegance and the richness of its aging process. Its clarity foretells a visual experience that promises to meet the expectations of connoisseurs.
  • NOSE: This rum unveils a complex aromatic bouquet. Delicate notes of vanilla and caramel intertwine with subtle aromas of ripe tropical fruits. Woody emanations reveal the depth of a carefully orchestrated maturation.
  • MOUTH: It offers a refined sensory experience. The smoothness of butter caramel harmoniously blends with hints of coconut and cocoa. Spicy touches, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, add an additional dimension to this elegant tasting.


In short: This unique rum from 1900 embodies the essence of artisanal craftsmanship. The balanced alliance between sweetness and aromatic complexity makes it an exceptional choice for discerning enthusiasts. Pair this bottle with a tasting featuring salmon sushi, slices of aged Manchego cheese, creamy seafood risotto, caramelized pear tarte Tatin, and squares of dark chocolate with fleur de sel. These subtle pairings will enhance the tasting experience, creating a symphony of flavors in harmony with the complexity of an exceptional rum.

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70 cl
Production origin
Vicente Bernabeu
Vicente Bernabeu - La Africana
Smooth and dirty
Producer: La Africana
La Africana

Superior Rum


La Africana was a superior rum brand imported to Spain during the late 19th century. Back then, the sugar crisis in the Antillean Islands forced a lot of merchants to switch from industrial rum (made with molasses) to agricultural rum (produced using fermented sugarcane juice). Vicente Bernabeu was a Spanish liquorist based in Játiva (Province of Valencia). His company, the Destileria Valenciana, opened its doors in 1922. It wasn't the only one around, as dozens of other liquor and spirits distilleries were popping up in this freshly industrialized region.

Bernabeu was one of the few authorized resellers who could commercialize the rum La Africana on the Spanish territory. The liquor itself was probably bottled somewhere else, as per the mention on the bottles which says: "Specially Bottled for the firm Vicente Bernabeu, Játiva". As for the labels, they were designed by a printing company called Artes Gráficas J. Gamón, located in Valencia as well.

Discover the Superior Rum La Africana.

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