Rum Trois Rivières Single Cask 2005

Rum, Martinique, Trois Rivières, Single Cask, 2005

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Tasting notes for the Rhum Trois Rivières "Single Cask" 2005

  • EYE: At first glance, the Trois Rivières Single Cask 2005 rum captivates with its deep amber hue, promising a rich and nuanced sensory experience. Its shimmering tint evokes the brilliance of tropical sunlight, announcing an exceptional gustatory journey.
  • NOSE: In the olfactory department, this rum reveals a complex and balanced bouquet, akin to a stroll through sugarcane plantations and tropical orchards. Subtle wafts of vanilla, honey, and caramel dance gracefully, accompanied by woody notes reminiscent of oak barrels.
  • MOUTH: The tasting is a festival of flavors. The explosion of candied fruits, coconut, and cocoa on the palate is a true gustatory fireworks display. The velvety texture and woody accents bring an unexpected depth, creating a symphony in the mouth.


In short: This Trois Rivières Single Cask 2005 rum embodies the pinnacle of Martinican distillation techniques. Its sensory profile, between sweetness and power, is an invitation to travel to the sun-soaked shores of the Caribbean. With its 14 years of maturation, this rum has reached an exceptional level of maturity. The balance between terroir aromas and notes inherited from aging confirms its status as an exceptional nectar. Pair this rum with fresh fish ceviche, lightly spicy mango slices, avocado tartare with lime zest, caramelized cashews, and a dark chocolate mousse.

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Product Details

Data sheet

70 cl
Production origin
% vol.
43 %
Trois Rivières
Single Cask 2005
Trois Rivières
Producer: Trois Rivières
Trois Rivières

Fine Rum of the Martinique

The Trois Rivières plantation is a true piece of history in Martinique, the little French island of the Carribeans. The plantation itself was born in 1660, when King Louis XIV's ambitious Superintendent of Finances Nicolas Fouquet bought 2,000 hectares of land in the south of the island. There, he had his own castle built and decided to cultivate sugarcane (which was the main source of income for the inhabitants, back then). Unfortunately for Mr. Fouquet, the king imprisoned him in 1661. After that, the brand new plantation had many different owners and, thanks to their work, business was booming. They even added three huge sugar refineries to the Trois Rivières production site of Sainte-Luce.

In 1785, a French noble called Étienne-Joseph-Isaïe Marraud des Grottes (1702-1788) acquired the Trois Rivières plantation. He immediately built a distillery and started producing his own rum. Decades later, in 1905, the new owner and rich captain of industry, Amédée Aubéry, stopped the sugar refineries for good and fully devoted himself to making rum. He also modernized the equipment, as to answer the ever growing demand. When his son took over the business, during the 1940's, he moved all the workers and machines from his Dizac distillery (located on the Diamant commune) to his new distillery. In 1953, the Marraud des Grottes family, which had developed its own brand of rums, took back ownership of the Trois Rivières production site. The family was now selling the Trois Rivières rum under the Duquesne brand, until 1972.

In the 1980's, the Trois Rivières rum was looking for new customers outside of the Martinique. In France at first, and then all over Europe. 1994 was the year the Trois Rivières distillery was bought by the BBS company (which stands for "Bellonnie, Bourdillon and Successors"), the owner of the La Mauny rum brand. Two years later, Trois Rivières obtained its very own AOC. It is actually the only rum brand with an official appellation. In 2004, the entire factory was moved, from the commune of Sainte-Luce to the former building of the La Mauny distillery, in Rivière Pilote. Both Trois Rivières and BBS were later acquired by the Chevrillon Group, in 2012. They decided to revisit the identity of the brand, while still maintaining the traditional image it was known and loved for. Today, the famous Italian spirits group Campari owns Trois Rivières, Duquesne and La Mauny; all bought for 60 millions of Euros in 2019.

Discover the Trois Rivières rum.

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