Champagne Philipponnat - Royale Réserve Non Dosé

Champagne, Royale Réserve, No added Sugar, Non-Vintage, Maison Philipponnat

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April de Philipponnat and his family left Switzerland (Fribourg, to be specific) for the small French village of Aÿ-Champagne, in 1522. Later, under the Second Napoleonian Regime (1850-1970), the family started to make its own champagne wine. The “Maison Philipponnat” as a brand was born in 1910, thanks to Auguste and Pierre Philipponnat. Then, in 1935, Pierre bought what would become the crown jewel of the family: the Clos des Goisses, a vineyard located on the Gruguet Hill, in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ.

This parcel is the biggest and most prestigious one of the entire Champagne region, with its 5.5 hectares (two thirds of Pinot Noir for one third of Chardonnay). Thanks to this monopole, the Maison Philipponnat is able to produce the eponymous champagne. A perfectly balanced mineral wine, which can age gracefully (more than 30 years of cellaring). The size of the Clos des Goisses has grown a bit in 2007, and the vineyard now includes 10 additional ares.

Today, the Maison Philipponnat belongs to the Boizel Chanoine Champagne group, since its sale in 1997 (it previously was a part of the Financière Globe in 1986, and then of the Groupe Marie Brizard). Charles Philipponnat (the son of René Philipponnat, former cellar master of Moët & Chandon) is the maison’s CEO since 2000. He firmly believes in manual labor and long maturation cycles for grapevines. He is also the one who invented the Maison Philipponnat’s famous “Cuvée Sublime”.

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Data sheet

75 cl
White Wine
Grape Variety
Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier
% vol.
12,5 %
Maison Philipponnat
Royale Réserve
Non Dosé
Production method
Producer: Maison Philipponnat
Maison Philipponnat

The oldest Champagne house

The Maison Philipponnat is the oldest Champagne house of the region. Its founder, April de Philipponnat, was granted some tracts of land by King Francis I of France, in 1522. This hero of the Battle of Marignan then settled in the little village of Aÿ, to the south-east of the Montagne de Reims, in the Marne department. However, the actual winemaking business only started during the 19th century. In total, fifteen generations of Philipponnat would work in the 20 hectares family vineyard over the years.

In the 20th century, Auguste and Pierre Philipponnat bought the former cellars of the Château de Mareuil-sur-Aÿ (in 1910) and managed to increase the champagne sales, turning the small family wine estate into a real high-class champagne brand. The Champagne House Philipponnat was thus founded in 1912. The Philipponnat family later acquired the largest enclosed plot of the region: the 5,5 hectares Clos des Goisses, bought in 1935.

The Maison Philipponnat now belongs to the Lanson-BCC group, since 1997. It is managed by Charles Philipponnat, the grandson of Auguste Philipponnat, who was nominated in 2000. Since the buyout, the international presence of the house has gone up. In spite of this popularity, the Philipponnat family has not forgotten its roots. The winemaking methods haven't changed much since the 19th century: draft horses to plow the fields, manual harvesting, traditional vinification… All done to produce an intense, fresh and authentic Champagne.

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