Lebanon Wine, Batroun, Cabernet Franc 2021 - Sept Winery

Lebanon Wine, Batroun, Ain Trez, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet franc 2021 - Sept Winery

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Tasting notes for the Cabernet Franc 2021 - Sept Winery

  • EYE: With a deep red hue, this Cabernet Franc immediately catches the eye. Its visual intensity, ranging from purple to ruby, promises a tasting experience marked by the richness of the Lebanese terroir.
  • NOSE: The complex aromas unfold with elegance. Notes of blackcurrant and ripe raspberry dominate, accompanied by subtle spicy hints of black pepper and laurel leaves. Delicate nuances of vanilla and tobacco add aromatic depth, creating a captivating olfactory bouquet.
  • MOUTH: A velvety texture and structured tannins mark the entrance of this Cabernet Franc. Flavors of red fruits, black cherry, and blackberry unfold with intensity, supported by a slight hint of licorice. The balance between freshness and warmth offers a complex and well-balanced tasting experience.


In short: The Cabernet Franc 2021 from Sept Winery, with its intense color, refined aromatic bouquet, and structured palate, establishes itself as a benchmark among Lebanese red wines. Its aging potential of 7 to 10 years makes it a nice choice of wine for a large variety of dishes, such as grilled ribeye, lamb tagine, braised pork chops, and aged goat cheese.

Other appellations from this estate: Obeideh, Skin Contact Obeideh, Merweh, Skin Contact Merweh, Viognier, Zitani, Cuvée du Soleil, Cabernet Franc, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon de Nehla, Syrah de Nehla...

Product Details

Data sheet

75 cl
Red Wine
Production origin
Grape Variety
Cabernet Franc
% vol.
13 %
Lebanon Wine
Ain Trez, Mount Lebanon
Maher Harb
Cabernet Franc
Production method
Producer: Sept Winery
Sept Winery

Lebanese Biodynamic Wines


Sept Winery was born out of a deep desire to revive a neglected family land. In 2010, Maher Harb left his flourishing career as a data consultant in France to return to the lands of his forefathers in Nehla, Lebanon. Driven by a burning passion, he planted over 5000 vines there in January 2012. After completing a Master's degree in Wine Management, Maher vinified his very first vintage in 2016 in his garage. Inspired by numerology and in homage to his father, he named his new winemaking venture "Sept", meaning "seven" in French.

The first bottles from Sept Winery hit the market in October 2017, marking the beginning of a remarkable winemaking journey. Production moved to the new cellar built in 2018; a significant milestone for the estate. Guided by his convictions, Maher strictly adheres to biodynamics and viticulture without inputs. His minimalist approach during grape growth and winemaking aims to respect and preserve the natural balance within the vineyard. Sept Winery is now the first and only biodynamic vineyard in Lebanon.

The philosophy of Sept Winery is an unwavering commitment to producing wines that reflect the richness and diversity of the exceptional terroirs of Lebanon. In addition to its biodynamic terroir in Nehla, Maher meticulously selects grapes from different regions of Lebanon. By refusing to blend grapes from different regions, Sept Winery stands out by only producing single-varietal wines that proudly embody the honest expression of each Lebanese terroir, hence the motto "A wine of place".

To preserve the authenticity of the terroir, Sept Winery's natural fermentation process relies on indigenous yeasts, spontaneous fermentation, natural stabilization, minimal filtration, no additives, a minimal dose of sulfur, exclusive use of stainless steel tanks, aging on lees, and skin maceration. The essential mission of Sept Winery is to share the authentic flavors of Lebanon with the entire world, becoming the ambassador for Maher's ancestral heritage and a reference in biodynamic agriculture.

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