Champagne Essentielle Brut Nature 2020 - Elise Dechannes

Champagne, Essentielle, Brut Nature, 2020 Vintage, Bio, Domaine Elise Dechannes

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Tasting notes for the Champagne "Essentielle" Brut Nature 2020 - Élise Dechannes

  • EYE: In the glass, one discovers a champagne with a pale yellow hue, animated by a persistent and delicate effervescence. The bubbles rise gracefully, offering a visually captivating spectacle. This crystalline color reflects meticulous winemaking, introducing a refined visual experience.
  • NOSE: The nose reveals a fresh and expressive cuvée, where aromas of white-fleshed fruits, such as green apple and pear, harmoniously mingle with delicate floral notes. Subtle minerality adds an authentic touch, inviting you to explore all the nuances of the Riceys terroir.
  • MOUTH: A champagne full of dynamism and freshness. The vibrant flavors of lime and grapefruit awaken the palate, accompanied by a confident sense of minerality. The light texture and crisp finish create a balanced ensemble, a refreshing experience without artifice.


In short: Élise Dechannes' Essentielle Brut Nature 2020 champagne, at its peak, offers a straightforward and elegant experience. To accompany this wine, with such unparalleled dynamism and freshness, consider pairing it with fresh oysters, goat cheese canapés, or a citrus salad.

Other appellations from this estate: Cuvée Essentielle, Cuvée Expression, Cuvée Affinité, Rose de Saignée, Rosé des Riceys, Cuvée Absolue Grès, Cuvée Absolue Terre, Cuvée Tradition, Cuvée Coeur de Noirs, Cuvée Chardonnay, Cuvée Pinot Noir...

Product Details

Data sheet

75 cl
White Wine
Production origin
Les Riceys
Grape Variety
Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier
% vol.
12 %
Elise Dechannes
Brut Nature
Blanc de Noirs
Production method
Producer: Élise Dechannes
Élise Dechannes

Champagne in the heart of the Riceys


Élise Dechannes had a peculiar start. Born in a family of Champagne winemakers, she decided she wanted to become a banker. After her studies at the École Supérieure de Commerce de Reims, Élise worked for 10 years in the insurance and banking industry instead of a vineyard. In 2005, three years after losing her mother Chantal Dechannes, Élise realized something: she wasn't happy anymore; she needed to turn her life around. That year, she quit her job and went back to school. Her new dream was to become a winemaker, like her parents and grandparents.

She rediscovered her childhood, when she used to help her mom and dad, Chantal and Roland, in the family wine estate of the Riceys (on the Côte des Bar, in the Aube department) they inherited from Élise's grandparents, Hubert and Germaine Dechannes. When she took ownership of the champagne house and the 5 hectares vineyard, in 2008, she chose her own name as her brand. The independent winemaker gradually switched to biodynamics. No more herbicides, no more pesticides, no more wastes… Of course, it was a lot of work and even more sacrifices, but Élise wanted to produce a high-quality wine, respectful of the environment and the customer.

That's also the reason why she joined the Terr'Avenir organization in 2016; a group of farmers and winemakers who pledged to lower the impact of their activity on the environment. Élise decreased the annual output of her estate to concentrate on a few cuvées only: there are now 15 000 bottles produced each year, compared to the 75 000 bottles her parents used to release before. The wines made by Élise Dechannes are smooth and balanced. In a word: alive, just like the winemaker herself.

Check out the champagne made by Élise Dechannes.

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