Cognac Grande Fine Champagne 1865 - Réserve de Jean Halley

Cognac, Grande Fine Champagne, Vintage 1865, Réserve de Jean Halley

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Tasting notes for the Cognac "Grande Fine Champagne" 1865 - Réserve de Jean Halley

  • EYE: The Cognac Grande Fine Champagne 1865 reveals a deep and shimmering amber hue, suggesting the lengthy aging period in oak barrels.
  • NOSE: Complex aromas unfold with elegance. Delicate scents of dried flowers, honey, and candied figs captivate the senses. Subtle woody notes of vanilla and cinnamon add a rich aromatic dimension to this olfactory experience.
  • MOUTH: Flavors of dried fruits, candied grapes, and nuts harmoniously blend. The presence of oak, tinged with nuances of dark chocolate, creates a remarkable gustatory depth. The silky and velvety texture envelops the palate with rare elegance.


In short: This exceptional Cognac, from the personal reserve of Jean Halley (1872-1932), embodies the quintessence of Grande Fine Champagne. Its balance between floral aromas, fruity flavors, and woody complexity makes it a memorable tasting experience, dedicated to the most discerning connoisseurs. Enjoy this Cognac with pan-seared foie gras, dark chocolate truffles, blue veined cheese, dried fruits such as figs and apricots, or a tarte tatin with apples. These diverse pairings will showcase the different facets of this exceptional Cognac, creating a harmonious and unforgettable tasting experience.

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70 cl
Amber Wine
Grande Fine Champagne
Producer: Jean Halley
Jean Halley


Jean-Nicolas Halley (1872-1932), or simply "Jean", was one of the earliest French industry captains. In 1900, he bought the Cherbourg-based wholesale company "Les Entrepositaires", where he had previously worked for a few years. He then specialized in selling wines and spirits. In doing so, this Cognac enthusiast managed to multiply his sales revenues and hired dozens of people. Five years later, he married Thérèse Le Cacheux, who gave him two children: Jean and Paul-Auguste. The brothers inherited the company when their father died.

Jean and Paul-Auguste took care of "Les Entrepositaires", which stayed open even during World War II. In 1941, Paul-Auguste left Cherbourg for Lisieux, in the Calvados department. There, he opened his own wholesale business, while Jean-Louis stayed in the family's hometown to manage his father's store. Paul-Auguste married Marthe Brard and together they had two boys, named Paul-Louis and Robert. In 1961, father and sons created the Promodès supermarket group together. Their very first store opened in 1962. Seven years later, they launched the Champion brand, as well as the hypermarkets Continent in 1972.

Jean, the son of Paul-Auguste, was the manager of the first Continent hypermarket. Later, he was promoted to director of Prodis (a branch specialized in wine) and Prodim (the local stores branch). In 1999, Promodès merged with the Carrefour group, giving birth to a new giant of mass retail (the second largest retail group in the world, right after Wal-Mart). Jean became one of the first shareholders of Carrefour during the merger. Later, he bought three wine estates in Fronsac, in 2000, which he then entrusted to his son Guillaume.

As you can see, Jean-Nicolas Halley was the patriarch of a very successful family, whose work gave us one of the biggest supermarket chains in the country. Very famous for his original store in the Manche department, he was also a shrewd connoisseur of fine wines and spirits, which he collected. Discover one of this great man's personal little treasures: the Cognac 1865, "Grande Fine Champagne" appellation.

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