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Chartreuse 2015-Today | Une Chartreuse

Pleasure Wine: 2015-Today Une Chartreuse


The Chartreuse "Une Chartreuse" of 2015-Today (Voiron)


In 2015, Chartreuse Diffusion released two new Green and Yellow Chartreuse cuvées. These were limited editions, with less than 120 bottles produced, aged for dozens of years in oak barrels. These barrels, known as "demi-muids" in French (from the Latin word "modius", which was an ancient unit of measurement), are made for long aging and can hold up to 650 liters of liqueur. The resulting cuvées are a unique blend of aged Chartreuse and other liqueurs, according to the principle of perpetual reserve: the solera system.

The new series was officially named "Une Chartreuse", as a direct nod to the monks' troubled past. It's in fact a reference to the Chartreuse sold in France by the Carthusian Fathers exiled in Spain after 1903. That specific cuvée was called "Une Tarragone", a name you could find in many ad campaigns at the time (advising customers to ask for "the liqueur of the Carthusian Fathers" or "Une Tarragone" for short) and on the labels themselves. It was done to demonstrate to the public that the monks were the authentic creators of the Chartreuse liqueur (and not the Cusenier family, who was accused of selling "fake" Chartreuses, the famous Liquidatreuses).

Today, every bottle from the "Une Chartreuse" series is sold with a USB key and a small 2-pages leaflet. These goodies offer more information about the elaboration of the cuvée to customers. It must be known that the new "Une Chartreuse" is unique, as it does not come from liqueurs used to make the famous "VEP" Chartreuse, produced since 1963. They are entirely separate products.


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