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Pleasure Wine: Corsica Wines


Discover the Corsica appellations


Corsica and wine, that's a long story to tell. In 565 BC, the Greeks opened the very first wine trading post, which they named "Alalia". This means that Corsica was already a wine region more than 2,600 years ago! Century after century, things started picking up for the wine business, especially thanks to the Roman Empire. Until the late 19th century and the phylloxera crisis, that is… This event, as well as the two following world wars, brought the Corsica vineyard to its knees, severely lowering the quality of its output.

Then, during the 1960's, many local winemakers understood how precious their vineyard really was. The Domaine Comte Abbatucci was actually one of the first ones to refocus on native grape varieties, in 1966. Thus, the Corsica vineyard came slowly back to life. Its golden age started around the 1970's-1980's, when the wines of the region really began to shine.

In 1976, the appellation "Vin de Corse" was born, showing the entire world how rich the local vineyard could be. Now, there are 9 AOC on the island and, although it only represents 1% of the French wine production (there are around 8,000 hectares of vineyard in total), Corsica wine managed to find its spot on the international wine scene.

Check out the wines produced in Corsica.

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