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Pleasure Wine: Tequila


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Tequila was created in the 17th century, in the eponymous town located in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Invented by Spanish settlers (although inspired by the "pulque", a drink the Aztecs brewed with fermented agave sap), this eau de vie exists thanks to the distillation tools they brought in 1519. Tequila comes from blue agave (a plant that vaguely looks like a pineapple). To bear the official name "Tequila", the recipe actually needs to contain at least 60% agave juice.

A Mexican family, the Cuervo, was the first to consider producing and selling Tequila in the state of Jalisco. They built a lot of distilleries as soon as the 18th century started. True pioneers, in a way. But the real deal was the Sauza family, led by the patriarch Don Cenobia. In 1873, the Sauzas industrialized their entire production chain. This allowed them to sell their tequila across the entire country of Mexico, before expanding their operations to the USA and the whole world.

The family even helped the country rebuild, after the 1910 Revolution. They invested money in local universities, radio stations, nightclubs… Such a tight-knit relationship with the people cemented their brand and turned Tequila into the national drink and the pride of every Mexican (just like wine can be for the French). Tequila comes in many forms, depending on its age: "blanco" when it hasn’t aged yet, "reposado" after a few months of aging, and "añejo" beyond an entire year of aging.

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