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Discover the Griotte-Chambertin wine appellation


The Griottes-Chambertin (or "Griotte-Chambertin", singular) is a red grand cru wine produced by the Gevrey-Chambertin vineyard, on the Côte de Nuits. The climate called "En Griottes", located right in front of the famous Clos de Bèze, is where the Griottes-Chambertin comes from. The surface of the area of appellation is 2,7 hectares and possesses a soil rich in marls, limestone and silt. The annual output is 102 hectoliters of wine, which is close to 13,600 bottles in total. Almost everything is made with Pinot Noir grapes. The Griottes-Chambertin is classified as a Grand Cru wine, meaning that the winemakers have to follow very strict guidelines during the entire vinification process.

The name "griottes" doesn’t come from the French variety of cherries, as one may think. It's actually a version of "criot", or "crai", two words used to describe a very dry and rocky soil found on hillsides. The official "Griottes-Chambertin" appellation was created in 1937. Before that, this Burgundy climate was simply known as "La Haute Grillotte". A name mentioned by Jules Lavalle (the first author to categorize and classify the Burgundy vineyards) in 1855, which received the "Première cuvée" mention (it was right behind the Close de Bèze).

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