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Chartreuse 1964-1966

Pleasure Wine: Chartreuses of 1964-1966


The Chartreuse of 1964-1966 (Voiron)


Following the release of the famous VEP Chartreuse in 1963, the love of the public for the Carthusian Fathers' liqueurs could only grow. Plus, the mystery surrounding the creation of the Chartreuse had everyone talking. The Museum of la Grande Chartreuse, open since 1957, was not enough to satiate their curiosity. People wanted to know more about the brand. Thus, in 1964, for the very first time in History, a TV crew was authorized to enter the Grande Chartreuse Monastery. Filmed by Camille Chatelot and produced by the Productions du Parvis, the resulting 27 minutes documentary showed the monks' daily life, as well as a detailed guided tour of the distillery.

The 1964-1966 period was also a new step towards modernity for the Chartreuse brand. The former tin caps were replaced by metal caps you could screw and unscrew at will. The seal found on the glass bottles, right above the label, was changed (it had remained the same since the 1869 cuvées). And the labels, once made of paper, were now 100% aluminum. The Compagne Française de la Grande Chartreuse even went as far as to work with a new printing company (although they kept Allier's trademark signature, who gave his consent).

In 1966, the construction of new storage cellars began in Voiron. The monks decided it was time to expand the building rapidly due to the huge demands from the American market. The original production building was made larger and another block was built right next to the first one. Both buildings were three stories high and included a cellar, a workshop and a warehouse. In total, more than 500 liters of Chartreuse were then stored in these new cellars in 1977, the year the work was completed.


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