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Pleasure Wine: Cognac


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The history of Cognac is related to the rise of distillation methods and maritime commerce. The drink itself appeared during the 15th century, somewhere in the Netherlands. At the time, merchants wanted to preserve their Charente wine during transport to Northern Europe. The wine distillate they obtained (called "brandwijn", the future "Brandy") became as popular as the original wine.

In the 18th century, the double distillation process was taking off and the Charente winemakers, who now also made Cognac, adopted it quickly (as well as the oak barrel aging technique). That's how the Cognac we still know today was born. Unfortunately, in 1870, an invasion of phylloxera (parasitic insect) nearly destroyed the French vineyards, opening the floodgates for whisky distilleries and hindering Cognac’s success.

Slowly, the grapevines started to heal and Cognac took its rightful place among the finest of spirits. The AOC "Cognac" became official in 1936, to determine its geographic area and production criteria. Today, Cognac liquor is a worldwide phenomenon (more than 160 countries import it from France) and its reputation is well established.

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