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Collector Chartreuse

Reference: CJ_222
Bottle in bad condition. Cork cap, wax in very bad condition. Tax stamp glued and in very bad condition. Label in very bad condition, very dirty and covered with mud. Back label in bad condition. Dirty, porous and...

Pleasure Wine: Collector Chartreuses


Discover our Collector Chartreuses


Among the large selection of bottles we offer, you can find a few that are classified as "Collector's Items". Sometimes, a simple detail can turn a "regular" bottle into a certified treasure. It can be pretty much anything: a label or cap that are in such perfect condition that you'd believe the bottle was brand new; a specific production period, because the Chartreuse is very ancient or only a few were made at that time; the accompanying goodies (booklet, wooden crate, plastic ice cubes, original packaging…) So on and so forth.

These rare or ancient Chartreuses, whose prices can sometimes change overnight, are available in our online store but the prices are not displayed. We look at all the most recent auctions, in order to check any variation in price. If you're interested in any of our Collector Chartreuses, feel free to send us a message and we will let you know shortly if it’s still available for sale and how much the bottle is worth.

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