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Reference: CA_653
Bottle in good general condition. Screw cap in average condition, dirty. Under cap level 3 cm. No tax stamp, but traces of glue and pieces of it on both sides. Label in correct condition, impacts and traces of...
Reference: CV_667
Bottle in good general condition. Screw cap in good condition, some impacts. No tax stamp. Front  and back labels in perfect condition. Bottle of smooth and clean glass. Dark shade. Bottle format : 35 cl. 

Pleasure Wine: Chartreuse


Discover the Chartreuse Liqueur


The Chartreuse is not a simple liquor: along the centuries, it became legendary. In fact, it is an integral piece of French History, although its ingredients still remain a secret. It is said that in 1605, the Monks of the Chartreuse de Vauvert, in Paris, received a manuscript from the hands of the Duke of Estrées. In it, the complex recipe of the precious liquor, made with more than 130 different plants. A century later, in 1737, the monks of the Grande Chartreuse Monastery near Grenoble simplified this recipe and made what became the definitive version of the "Elixir Végétal" we still drink today.

The Chartreuse became all the rage and the monks decided to make new versions of their product. In 1840, the Green Chartreuse (whose recipe stays close to the original elixir) and the Yellow Chartreuse, called the "Queen of Liquors", sweeter than its green sibling (43°), were created. The Chartreuse Blanche, nicknamed the "Melissa", came out in 1860. This one is much more difficult to find, nowadays.

The collection of Chartreuse liqueurs presented here by Pleasure Wine come from three distilleries operated by the Carthusian monks: Fourvoirie in France, Tarragona in Spain, and Voiron also in France. The latter still being in activity today. All the bottles we offer you were produced during different periods and are all perfectly preserved. Although, be aware that each bottle has its specificities, such as fill level, label quality… Pleasure Wine, the specialist of rare and old Chartreuses, is one of the rare stores that can offer you such a unique selection of bottles.

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